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Incredible Carpets

Massive Carpet Selection

When you're choosing a new carpet for any room in your home, don't settle on a choice until you see the selection available at the carpeting experts at Federal Carpet and Flooring. Our showroom has the largest in-stock inventory in the entire Lowell, MA area.

Whether it's a small bedroom or your entire home, carpeting is the most cost-effective flooring solution you can choose. Let our carpet experts help you choose the best option for your home! Call us today at 978-453-0005.

Federal Carpet and Flooring has been providing high-quality, affordable flooring solutions since 1969. We're a family owned and operated company dedicated to helping you find the perfect floor covering for your home.
Incredible Carpets

Our Carpet Styles Include

  • Berber - Thanks to their rugged look and great durability, Berber carpeting has become one of the popular options. Featuring a weave of tight yarn loops, this carpet is one of the easiest to keep clean.
  • Commercial - If you have a high-traffic area in need of carpeting, commercial carpeting is a great choice. Made of sturdy synthetic fibers that resist staining and crushing, these carpets are simple to maintain and require just a simple vacuuming.
  • Frieze - Another great solution for high-traffic areas is frieze carpeting. With their short, durable, twisted pile fibers, frieze carpets hold up in busy areas and are a great solution for commercial customers.
  • Saxony - This dense cut pile carpeting is made of heat-set yarns that give the carpet a tufted end that results in a smooth, velvety look for your floor.
  • Textured - When you're looking for a two-tone carpeting look, the choice is a Textured carpet. This popular carpet is a cut pile carpet with alternating crimp, loops, and other yarn modifications.
  • Velvet/Plush - When you want a higher-end carpet for your home, explore the velvet/plush options. These are a bit higher-priced and are dense and soft to the touch, giving your home a more elegant look and feel.
  • LCL Carpet- a plush or Berber type carpet with a pattern built into the fiber. It can have patterns like flowers, zebra stripes, diamonds, squares, or almost any type of pattern. 

The installation crew at Federal Carpet and Flooring is able to move all of your furniture and dispose of your old carpets. All you need to do is pick the best option for your home and we'll take care of the rest! 

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